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Threatened and Endangered Species



Kentucky has numerous species that are on the threatened and endangered species list due to the present or threatened destruction and/or modification of the species range or habitat, overutilization of the species, disease, and predation. WS protects the Blackside Dace from predation and damage in Kentucky.

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F/T - Federal Threatened


WS received a request for beaver damage management assistance from the Kentucky Ecological Services office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). The FWS and the USDA/Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) are currently conducting stream restoration projects for the Federally threatened Blackside Dace ( Phoxinus cumberlandensis) throughout eastern Kentucky. Water impounding activities from resident beavers in the Stinking Creek drainage of Knox County prohibited local restoration activities. WS conducted beaver damage management activities including dam removal and trapping. FWS and NRCS expressed their appreciation for WS' assistance. Additionally, WS met with FWS representatives to discuss further cooperative projects regarding beaver damage management. FWS has requested WS to provide beaver damage management as part of stream and riparian restoration efforts in conjunction with natural gas pipeline development, logging operations, and various mining activities. The restoration efforts would be in direct connection to various threatened and endangered fish, their recovery, and their management. Discussions are in the initial planning stage and further field operations have not yet started.

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