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Blackbirds and European Starlings

Flock of blackbirds In the United States, blackbirds and starlings are abundant and widely distributed, with their winter population believed to be between 750 million and 1 billion. They are often associated with problems including agricultural and property damage and human health and safety concerns. Integrated management solutions to address problems may include habitat manipulation, dispersal techniques, population management, and innovative approaches and tools generated by research.

Perching starling Blackbirds and starlings are the most abundant bird types in North America  >>More

Blackbird/Starling Conflicts with People  
flock of blackbirds Blackbirds and starlings congregate in large flocks and may be involved in conflict situations on farms and in urban/suburban areas  >>More

Blackbird/Starling Assistance from Wildlife Services State Offices 
Surveying blackbirds in sunflowers WS personnel assist communities, ranchers, farmers, municipalities and others in resolving problems >>More



Research - Developing Science-Based Solutions to Blackbird/Starling Conflicts 
Starling with antenae WS researchers seek science-based solutions to protect crops and other resources from blackbirds and starlings.  >>More

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