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Increase in Total Numbers of Lethally-Removed Wildlife

Due to increased lethal removal of 11 types of invasive species and use of a new computer model for estimating the take of birds with DRC1339, the total number of lethally removed wildlife increased 106 percent from FY07 to FY08.

Bird species affected by WS’ newly-refined reporting procedures are: European starlings, red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds, and grackles (3 species: boat-tailed, common, and great-tailed). The estimation model resulted in a 148% increase compared to 2007.

Three invasive birds and the blackbird group account for 90.6% of all animals lethally removed.

Increased removal of invasive species included: feral swine, nutria, green and spiny-tailed iguana, coqui frogs, European starlings, house sparrows, rock pigeons, and brown tree snake.

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