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Wildlife Services reserves the right to revise the current or any past
Program Data Reports to reflect discovery of
discrepancies in data
presented. Notice of such revisions and
their dates will be made on
this site when revised versions are


Table 1 (RTF; 79 Kb)
Employment and Expenditures

Table2 ( Table 2 is divided into tables 2f and 2t)
Animals Freed and Taken and the Control Methods Used by WS

  • Table 2f
    Number of Animals Freed and Control Methods Used by WS
  • Table 2t
    Number of Animals Taken and Control Methods Used by WS

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Table 3
Number of Animals Dispersed and Control Methods used by WS
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Table 4a
Resource Losses Reported to the WS Program
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Table 5a
Number of Technical Assistance Projects (Personal, Telephone, Written Consult)
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Table 5b
Number of Other Technical Assistance Projects Conducted by WS Personnel
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Table 6
Chemical Products Used and Supervised by WS
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Table 7
Chemical Products Distrib., Sold, or Demon. by WS and Whose Use was not Supervised by WS
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Table 8
Bird Depredation Permits Recommended by WS for Issuance by USFWS to Cooperators
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Table 9a
Equipment and Non-Pesticide Materials Loaned for Cooperator Use by WS
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Table 9b
Irretrievable Equipment/Non-Pesticide Materials Distributed for Cooperator Use by WS
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Table 10
Expenditures for Conservation of Threatened and Endangered Species
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Table 11  
Harvest and Population Data of Selected Species for WS
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