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Wildlife Services Expenditures for the Protection of Resources

Federal and Cooperative Funding to Protect Agriculture

rice field Each year, a portion of the Federal Funding that is provided to the WS Program by Congress through the Federal budget and appropriations processes is directed at reducing wildlife damage to agricultural resources. In some situations, program recipients provide WS with cooperative funding to support very specific program activities to protect their agricultural interests. The Agriculture resource category includes livestock (e.g. sheep, cattle, calves, fowl, and swine) crops (e.g. corn, soybeans, strawberries, and pecans), rangeland and timber, aquaculture (e.g. farm raised catfish and trout), agricultural animal feed, and animal products. WS work to protect agriculture may include predation management to protect livestock, alleviation of bird damage at aquaculture facilities, and application of integrated waterfowl and deer damage management programs to reduce crop damage.

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