IPPC Calls for Topics, Treatment Data, and Experts

An International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) call is a request for data, information, topics for standards, experts, support, etc. The IPPC Secretariat holds calls on a regular and ad-hoc basis.

Call for Topics

Every two years, IPPC member countries have an opportunity to submit topics for consideration of development into standards, known as the Call for Topics. The next call for topics will occur in 2017.

Call for phytosanitary treatment submission data

The IPPC Secretariat holds a call for phytosanitary treatment submission data on an ad-hoc basis.

Call for experts

Once the dates are confirmed for a meeting of experts to draft a standard, the IPPC Secretariat holds a call for experts. Nominations must come from the national or regional plant protection organization, and should have the necessary scientific expertise and subject matter experience to assist in the development of the draft standard.

For more information about IPPC calls, contact Stephanie Dubon, Deputy Technical Director of International Phytosanitary Standards, at

NAPPO Call for Projects

The North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO) Secretariat holds an annual call for project proposals for the NAPPO Work Program. The three member countries and NAPPO Expert Groups submit new proposals to the NAPPO Secretariat.

Next, the Secretariat distributes all the proposals to the NAPPO Executive Committee (EC), Advisory and Management Committee (AMC), and Industry Advisory Group (IAG). The AMC solicits additional internal and external stakeholder input on each project proposal, focusing on its priority for the country, its feasibility, and its relevance to the NAPPO mission of protecting North American plant resources while facilitating safe trade. The EC approves the NAPPO Work Program at the beginning of each year. The projects selected for the work program tend to be the strongest overall in the following aspects:

  • well-aligned with the strategic priorities of the national plant protection organizations (NPPOs) of the three member countries and of the current NAPPO Strategic Plan
  • address phytosanitary issues whose outcomes will have strong harmonization value for North America
  • focus on pests that are of shared concern to the three NAPPO member countries
  • require technical and scientific expertise that is available within the NPPOs of the three member countries
  • include information on both the human and financial resources needed to complete the project

Once the EC approves the Work Program, the AMC member from the United States begins identifying appropriate subject matter experts for the relevant expert group for each project.

For more information on NAPPO project proposals, contact Patricia Abad, PPQ NAPPO Technical Director, at
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