IPPC Calls for Topics, Treatment Data, and Experts

An IPPC call is a request for data, information, topics for standards, experts, support, etc. The IPPC Secretariat holds calls on a regular and ad-hoc basis.

Call for Topics
Every two years, IPPC member countries have an opportunity to submit topics for consideration of development into standards, known as the Call for Topics. This year, the IPPC call for topics occurred in August 2013. The next call for topics will occur in 2015.

Call for phytosanitary treatment submission data
The IPPC Secretariat holds a call for phytosanitary treatment submission data on an ad-hoc basis. Treatment submissions must be categorized under the topics fruit flies, irradiation, wood packaging material, and/or soil and growing media.

Call for experts
Once the dates are confirmed for a meeting of experts to draft a standard, the IPPC Secretariat holds a call for experts. Nominations must come from the NPPO or RPPO, and should have the necessary scientific expertise and subject matter experience to assist in the development of the draft standard.

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