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Safeguarding American Plant Resources: Criteria

Background and Criteria
The PPQ Deputy Administrator’s Safeguarding Award recognizes exceptional work in safeguarding America’s agricultural and natural resources. The basis for the award is the PPQ Mission Statement, which describes the safeguarding continuum ranging from preventing entry to preventing the spread of pests that threaten America’s agriculture and natural resources. This continuum includes offshore programs, permitting, border and port inspection, pest identification and mitigation, smuggling interdiction and trade compliance, new pest detection and response, and pest eradication and management. The award celebrates outstanding initiative and innovation; efforts that go above and beyond expectations; common sense and ingenuity; and demonstrated results from anywhere within the safeguarding continuum.

Eligible nominees for the award are employees of PPQ, APHIS International Services, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, state universities, and the National Plant Board.  Please identify how the work of nominees who are outside PPQ links directly to activities within the safeguarding continuum and how that work supports PPQ's mission. 

Feel free to attach supplementary information such as a report or other documentation as needed to support the nomination, but please note that the total number of pages for any supplemental information may not exceed five pages.

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