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European Larch Canker

European Larch Canker


The European Larch Canker Quarantine is listed under 7 CFR Part 301.91 of the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, as published in the Federal Register, and also under Title 12 MRSA, §8305 of the Laws of the State of Maine.

  • This quarantines all parts of larch (Larix spp.) including logs, pulpwood, branches, twigs, etc., as regulated articles.

  • Also any other product, article, or means of conveyance whatsoever, when it has been determined by an inspector that it presents a risk of spread of the disease.

  • Designates parts of Hancock, Knox, Lincoln, Waldo, and Washington Counties as the quarantined area from which movement is restricted.

This quarantine is managed by the following two agencies:

15 Iron Road
Hermon Maine 04401
Telephone: (207) 848-5199

Forest Health & Monitoring Division
Maine Forest Service
Telephone: (207)287-2432 or 287-2431


Paul Chaloux
National Program Manager
Telephone: (301)851-2064


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