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IPHIS Desktop Basics: Access to IPHIS

IPHIS Desktop Basics: Access to IPHIS
May 12, 2021

Module 3 discusses requesting an IPHIS User role for access.

Helpful links:
USDA IPHIS Landing Page

eAuthentication - Create an Account

APHIS PPQ training support documents and recordings

Useful Job Aids:
IPHIS User Roles

Final Quiz:
Each module has a few questions. You may wish to have the quiz open to the side to work on while watching the videos.

Full Module List:
Module 1 What is IPHIS?
Module 2 Information Vs. Data
Module 3 Access to IPHIS
Module 4 Lexicon of Words / Navigating the IPHIS site
Module 5 Create – Location
Module 6 Create – Workbook
Module 7 Create – Site
Module 8 Create Activities: Surveys, Compliance Agreements, and Compliance Agreement Inspections
Module 9 Extracting IPHIS Data
Module 10 Mapping Functions

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