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APHIS PPQ End User Tools Presents: iPad Basics

APHIS PPQ End User Tools Presents: iPad Basics
Foundations- Foundations
January 29, 2021

This course introduces a new user to the Apple iPad care and provides tips on use. It may serve as a good reminder for more experienced users too. 

Allow one hour for this self-paced training. Watch the video segment (40 minutes) and take the short quizzes throughout. Be sure to complete all requested quizzes to automate a completion certificate sent to your email…including the final feedback form. 

Click on the links below to complete the quizzes as prompted during the video training course.


Section 1: Introduction and Self-Assessment 
Quiz 1: iPad Savvy (06:00)

Section 2: iPad Care
Quiz 2: iPad Care (13.55)

Section 3: iPad Use
Quiz 3: iPad Use (31:30)

Advanced Tips / Resources
Final Feedback (46:00)


iPad Versus Baby 

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