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Pink Bollworm

- Pink Bollworm


The role of PPQ's Cotton Pest Programs is to eradicate the pink bollworm from all cotton-producing areas of the U.S. and northern Mexico in cooperation with States, the cotton industry, and Mexico. The staff also provides technical assistance to facilitate the trade of U.S. cotton in international markets


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  • Regulatory Update: The federal Pink Bollworm quarantine regulates the movement of specific articles from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Active regulatory enforcement will no longer be needed when pink bollworm eradication has been accomplished.


  • Communication: APHIS, the National Cotton Council, and local program managers conduct regular conference calls with the eradication program's Industry Coordinating Group, involving grower leaders from the infested areas. Program information is also provided during annual meetings of the National Cotton Council's Pink Bollworm Action Committee and its Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Training: Local program managers provide training to their seasonal and permanent employees as needed.
  • Supplies: Important program supplies include pheromone traps, stakes, liquid pheromone, pheromone rope and dispensers, Lorsban® and several pyrethroids if needed, vehicles, ground equipment for treating fields, barcode scanners, barcode labels, and computers.
  • Procurement: Local foundations purchase necessary supplies through competitive contracts with vendors. (i.e. traps, pheromone, and supplies)
  • Cooperative Agreement (PDF; 78 Kb)
  • Federal/State Activities: USDA-APHIS provides federal cost-share funding of 18-27 percent in the form of sterile insect rearing and release, along with technical support and coordination across state lines. State cooperators support grower referenda, the collection of grower assessments, the use of state funding when available, regulatory activities, and overall program operation.
  • Program Update (PDF; 214 Kb)
  • Environmental Documents


  • Operational Sites: See local phone listings for “Pink Bollworm Eradication Program” (in New Mexico and Texas, listing may be under “Boll Weevil Eradication Program”)
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