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Citrus Health Response Program

The goal of the Citrus Health Response Program (CHRP) is to sustain the United States' citrus industry, to maintain grower's continued access to export markets, and to safeguard the other citrus growing states against a variety of citrus diseases and pests. This is a collaborative effort involving growers, Federal and State regulatory personnel and researchers.

APHIS, working closely with regulatory officials from Florida and other citrus-producing States, industry stakeholders, university scientists, and scientists with USDA's Agricultural Research Service, has developed the CHRP to compile industry production guidelines and best practices for fruit and nursery stock production that addresses citrus canker and other citrus diseases. The CHRP provides guidelines for nursery stock product compliance and fruit inspection, treatment, and certification. The CHRP will also identify minimum standards, where available, for implementing appropriate survey, diagnostic, and mitigation measures to reduce the proliferation and spread of citrus canker, citrus greening, and other diseases of regulatory significance.

Citrus Health Response Program

Citrus Diseases


 Citrus Nursery Stock Rule Information

Supporting Protocol Documents

For reference purposes we are providing the previous version of the Citrus Nursery Stock Protocol. This version is now obsolete.

National Surveillance Strategies

Program Contact:

Angela McMellen Brannigan
National Policy Manager
Telephone: 301-851-2314

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