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How to Report an ALB Infestation

How to Report an ALB Infestation

Remember to record the area where the specimen was found.  You can report by calling the appropriate number below or

In Ohio Call:
• Ohio ALB Eradication Program 513-381-7180
• Ohio Department of Agriculture 1-855-252-6450

In Massachusetts Call:
• Massachusetts ALB Eradication Program 508-852-8090

In New York Call:
• New York ALB Eradication Program 1-866-265-0301
• New York State Department of Agriculture 1-800-554-4501 ext.72087
• City of New York Parks and Recreation 1-800-201-PARK (800-201-7275)

If you live outside of the areas listed above you may call 1-866-702-9938 (toll-free) or contact and report your findings to one of the groups listed below.

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