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ALB Massachusetts Infestation Information

ALB Massachusetts Infestation Information

Massachusetts became the fourth state where the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) has been detected following the August 1, 2008 report of a suspected ALB by a Worcester resident. The insect was verified as ALB on August 5, 2008.

A coordinated and cooperative Federal/State/Local response is now underway in Massachusetts. For a map of the current regulated area in Massachusetts please click on the “Maps” section to the right.

USDA APHIS is leading the effort with partners the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the City of Worcester, and the US Forest Service. Also supporting the effort is Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.

Businesses that work with trees and tree materials as well as area citizens may call the Massachusetts ALB program with any questions at 1-866-702-9938.

For more information on the Massachusetts ALB infestation and response, please click on the following links.

City of Worcester homepage for ALB announcements:

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources ALB site for information and pictures from the regulated area:

Information Resources 

Fact Sheet on the Massachusetts Regulated Area


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