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Plant Health Quadrilaterals Group

The Plant Health Quadrilaterals (Quads) is a strategic coalition composed of the national plant protection organizations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States of America. It is not an official treaty organization but rather an informal alliance and venue for cooperation among the plant health authorities of the Quads countries. It enables our respective plant health and biosecurity officials to address plant health and biosecurity issues, particularly as they affect international trade of plants, plant products, and other regulated articles.

PPQ’s International Phytosanitary Standards team coordinates Quads activities for the United States.

Quads Purpose

Our mission is to strengthen and facilitate trade by advancing the development and implementation of science-based standards and policies which ensure safe, global commerce. We build consensus on key international phytosanitary standards and other issues that reflect our countries’ shared priorities and values. We also anticipate and respond to emerging plant health challenges by collaborating on plant quarantine policy and operational issues, science and technology, emergency preparedness and response, pest management and control, global pest intelligence, and other topics.

What are the Quads goals for 2019-2023?

  1. Advance the development and implementation of international standards that align with our countries’ shared plant protection priorities and systems.
  2. Work together to facilitate and promote safe, science-based trade with countries and regions beyond the Quads group.
  3. Strengthen national plant health and biosecurity programs within the Quads countries and improve market access opportunities by leveraging and bringing together the collective expertise and resources of the group.

For more information about the Plant Health Quadrilaterals Group, contact Stephanie Dubon, the IPS Coordinator, at

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