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Calls for Topics, Treatment Data, and Experts

IPPC Calls

An International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) call is a request for data, information, topics for standards, phytosanitary treatments, tools for implementation, expert nominations, support, and more. The IPPC Secretariat holds calls on a regular and ad-hoc basis.

For more information about IPPC calls, contact Marina Zlotina, PPQ’s IPPC Technical Director, at

The IPPC Secretariat will only accept topic proposals, treatment submissions, and expert nominations from the U.S. Official Contact Point.

Call for Topics: Standards and Implementation

IPPC standards play a critical role in safeguarding plant resources and creating new export opportunities for producers and exporters. Priority is given to proposals that have the largest potential global impact, contribute to the purpose of the IPPC, can be implemented at the global level, clearly identify problems that need to be resolved through the development or implementation of standards, and for which there is adequate technical information available to support the proposed initiative. The next call for topics is planned for 2023. Visit the IPPC website to view the criteria for proposals, download the submission forms, and read about other requirements.

Call for phytosanitary treatment submission data

The IPPC Secretariat accepts submissions for phytosanitary treatment data at any time, as long as resources are available.

Send your phytosanitary treatment proposals, accompanied by data and relevant references to at least 120 days before the deadline (if applicable) so APHIS experts can review both the technical aspects of your submissions as well as the accuracy of the forms.

Call for experts

Once the dates are confirmed for a meeting of experts to draft a standard, the IPPC Secretariat holds a call for experts. Nominations must come from the national or regional plant protection organization, and should have the necessary scientific expertise and subject matter experience to assist in the development of the draft standard.

If you will be submitting your nomination through the national plant protection organization of the United States, APHIS’ Plant Protection and Quarantine, send your call for experts package to at least 10 business days before the deadline so APHIS can ensure your submission is complete.

Authors for Diagnostic Protocols

Based on the IPPC Work Program needs, the IPPC Secretariat solicits nominations for authors for IPPC diagnostic protocols (DPs). Visit the IPPC website to view the criteria for DP authors, download the nomination forms, and read about other requirements when such calls are made. For DP author nominations originating in the United States, the nominations must be submitted to the national plant protection organization. The U.S. IPPC Official Contact Point will review the nomination and submit it to the IPPC Secretariat, if there are no further questions to the nominee.

The United States Department of Agriculture has neither the funding nor legal authority to send external subject matter experts to IPPC meetings. Please keep informed of all nomination materials, supporting scientific documents, etc., you are planning to submit to the IPPC Secretariat.

Send your nomination package to at least 10 business days before the deadline so APHIS can ensure your submission is complete.


The North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO) holds calls for projects every other year. Additionally, PPQ holds a formal expert selection process for approved NAPPO projects.

For more information on the NAPPO Call for projects and expert selection, visit the NAPPO website or contact Stephanie Dubon at, PPQ's NAPPO Technical Director,

Call for projects

NAPPO seeks new project proposals every other year. The next formal call for NAPPO project proposals will open in 2023. The stakeholders from the three member countries (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) and NAPPO Expert Groups can submit new proposals for NAPPO’s consideration. Stakeholders from the United States should work with PPQ’s Acting NAPPO Technical Director, Stephanie Dubon, to submit proposals. The call for project proposals is NAPPO’s first step in the process for identifying new projects or topics to add to its Work Program. This is also the initial step in the NAPPO standard setting process for proposals to develop regional standards.

For more information on the NAPPO Call for projects, visit the NAPPO website or contact

Expert selection

Once NAPPO’s Executive Committee adds the project to the NAPPO work program, the NAPPO Secretariat forms expert groups, which includes regional regulatory, technical, and industry experts. Calls for experts varies, depending on the NAPPO project. For more information on the NAPPO expert selection process for the United States, contact

The NAPPO Secretariat will only accept expert nominations from PPQ’s NAPPO Technical Director.

For more information, contact Stephanie Dubon at

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