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Permits for Importation of U.S. EPA Registered Biopesticide

General Permits
APHIS issues general permits for the importation of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered biopesticides manufactured overseas and imported by domestic pesticide producers. The movement and use of registered biopesticides within the United States, regulated by the EPA, are low-risk and unlikely to have a negative impact on plant health. The issuance of permits for these biopesticides reduces the regulatory burden on biopesticide manufacturers and researchers while providing appropriate safeguarding measures.

General permits will be enforceable through the PPQ-526 permit.  

  • All shipments must meet permit conditions.
  • All shipments must be accompanied with an EPA-issued notice of arrival and a certificate of analysis issued by an analytical laboratory located in the country of origin and in accordance with quality control procedures approved by the EPA within 90 days of arrival at the port of entry.  

With the fulfillment of these requirements, inspections at APHIS Plant Inspection Stations will not be required and, therefore, red and white labels will not be issued for shipments. APHIS will issue the general permit through the ePermits database and notification system.   

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