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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Guidance to CIP Applicants

When completing a PPQ Form 588 permit application, please provide the following information:

  1. Clearly identify the material to be imported using the scientific (Latin) name (e.g., genus, species name, and variety, and hybrid designation if known).

  2. Identify plant part(s) you wish to import: bulbs, flower, fruit, leaf, in vitro plantlet, root, seed, stem, tuber, whole plant, etc.

  3. Identify the country(s) of origin, the quantity of plant units per shipment and the total number of shipments.

  4. Identify the intended use of the import. Do you intend to preserve, grow, or propagate? Will the imported plant material be destroyed or rendered incapable of being propagated during the permit period? Do you intend to grow the plant inside a greenhouse, screenhouse or in the field outside?

  5. Provide the means of importation or conveyance such as surface parcel post, air parcel post, air mail, express, air express, freight, air freight, or personal baggage. (Note that when hand-carrying, the article(s) must be inspected at a plant inspection station)

  6. If you will be growing the material, indicate if growth chamber, laboratory, greenhouse or screenhouse. Also provide the name and contact information for a plant pathologist and/or horticulturist designated to monitor the plants during the permit period.

  7. Any imported plant waste or material must be disposed of by an approved method. Indicate the methods you will use: incineration, autoclaving (minimum 121ºC), or other means.

  8. Identify if the material is genetically modified or known or suspected to be exposed, infected or contaminated with a plant pest or pathogens.

  9. Provide additional supporting information if available (e.g. standard operating procedure, photographs, etc.). Indicate which port of entry is used for the shipment. Port of entry with a plant inspection must be selected.     

  10. Depending on the plant and the final disposition of the material, additional information may be needed about the growing site. We may send a site questionnaire requesting a detailed description of the containment facility. Some sites may need to meet quarantine requirements and be inspected. Please also note that the containment facility must be ready before the permit can be issued.
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