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Integrated Pest Risk Management Measures for Plants for Planting

APHIS recently revised the plants for planting regulations (7 CFR 319.37, Subpart Plants for Planting) to provide general requirements for developing integrated pest risk management measures (IPRMMs). IPRMMs can be used to mitigate the pest risks associated with importing specific types of plants for planting.

The general requirements for developing IPRMMs in 7 CFR 319 37-21 are based on the North American Plant Protection Organization’s Regional Standard for Phytosanitary Measures 24 and consistent with the International Plant Protection Convention’s International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures 36.

IPRMMs can range in complexity and rigor from a series of single, independent measures to complex critical control point systems that identify points along a pathway where pest risk can be reduced. IPRMMs may provide an alternative to single measures such as disinfestation treatments or replace more restrictive measures such as prohibition. IPRMMs may also be used to manage pest risks when no single measure is available.

The IPRMM framework document provides detailed guidance for implementing IPRMMs as specified in the revised plants for planting regulations. It also describes key plant pest risk factors and risk mitigation elements and explains the process for designing and implementing IPRMMs.

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