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Craft Industries: Bamboo Stakes/Poles

Several different quarantine significant beetles have been intercepted in bamboo poles that are used in outdoor situations such as garden and nursery stakes. These beetles include Chlorophorus annularis, Purpuricenus temminckii, Clytini sp., Stromatium barbatum and the Lepidoptera Oecophoridae sp. Inspection for these pests is very difficult because signs of the pest are not always visible on the outside of the bamboo, such as holes or frais.

A mandatory fumigation at the port of arrival is required for garden and nursery stakes made from bamboo. Articles made of bamboo such as furniture, and bamboo dunnage are not included in this policy change and do not require mandatory fumigation. Solid bamboo, sometimes called iron bamboo, is also not included in the mandatory fumigation requirement because pests have not been found in this type of bamboo. For more information on bamboo, please contact USDA APHIS' Permit Unit.

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