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Earthworms FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I need to submit a separate application for each State in which I plan to sell the earthworms? 
You need to submit only one PPQ permit application for the State where your business is located. You may receive imported shipments only at the permitted business address. If you do not have a central facility to receive imported shipments, each of your customers must possess a valid PPQ permit to receive imported earthworm shipments.

Q. Can I obtain a permit for the importation of earthworms other than Dendrobaena veneta for research in my laboratory? 
A. Yes you can apply for a permit to import other species of earthworms, but your laboratory may be inspected to confirm that you are able to prevent their release to the environment. Such permits will restrict all activities to a containment laboratory and will not allow subsequent movement or environmental release without an additional PPQ permit.

Q. I understand that when I receive my PPQ permit to import earthworms I also need Red & White labels. How do I order these? 
A. The Red & White labels will be sent to you when your permit is issued if the permit is not a renewal. If you are applying for a renewal of your expiring permit, you must return the Red & White labels you had previously, along with the tracking sheet. You must account for the use of each Red & White label before your new Red & White labels will be issued. 

Q. Do I need a Red & White label for each package that is shipped?
A. No, you only need one label for each imported shipment.

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