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Permit Processing Steps

The PPQ 526 permit review process includes the following steps*:

Step Time Range
Review application for completeness of required information, such as; applicant contact information, genus and species of regulated material, destination state, origin, and shipment information. Add one month for processing paper applications that are not submitted on-line. 1 week
Evaluate pest risk. 1-4 weeks
Prepare environmental assessment and publish in Federal Register, if necessary. Environmental assessments are typically required for first time releases of biological control agents. 6 months - 1 year
Inspect containment facility, if necessary. 1-4 months
Determine conditions necessary to mitigate risk. 1-4 weeks
Consult with the State Department of Agriculture. 1-4 weeks
Evaluate State response. 1-2 weeks
Send draft permit to the applicant for agreement to permit conditions. 1-4 weeks
Issue final permit. For importation only, issue Red and White Labels. 1 week
Total 8 weeks to 18 months

*These steps and timelines are not all-encompassing, if necessary, additional steps or time may be required. 

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