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Snails and Slugs FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Why is the snail Rumina decollata prohibited? 
A. Although Rumina decollata has been used as a biological control agent to control other snail pest species, it has also been proven to be a plant pest.

Q. Why is the Giant African Snail prohibited?
A. The Giant African Snail poses a threat to both humans and plants. This snail is not only strictly prohibited from entering the United States but is removed when discovered.

Q. How long is a permit valid?
A. Permits for snails are generally valid for three years.

Q. Do I need a USDA, APHIS, PPQ permit to use snails and slugs in my classroom for educational purposes?
A. Yes. A PPQ 526 permit is required if the snails or slugs move across state lines or imported into the United States to get to your school.

Q. Why does the USDA regulate the snails or slugs that I use in my classroom for educational purposes?
A. Some snails and slugs are not established in certain areas of the United States and the USDA attempts to prevent the establishment of exotic species to protect the environment and reduce risk to agricultural crops.

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