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Regulatory Administrative Process

Regulatory Administrative Process

After completion of the risk analysis process, APHIS initiates the regulatory administrative process. This process begins when we publish a notice or proposed rule in the Federal Register to announce that a risk assessment, pest list, risk management document, and supporting environmental documentation are available for public comment.

If the evaluated commodity meets the criteria in 7 CFR part 319.56-4, APHIS may publish a notice in the Federal Register instead of a proposed rule. On July 18, 2007, APHIS implemented a “notice-based” process for certain fruits and vegetables that allows the Agency to authorize certain imports without rulemaking (proposed and final rules). To be eligible for approval under the notice-based process, a commodity's pest risk must be sufficiently mitigated by one or more of five designated phytosanitary measures. This process and the designated phytosanitary measures are described in 7 CFR 319.56-4.


Notice-based process for certain fruits and vegetables
Rulemaking (Proposed and Final Rules) Process
Publication in the Federal Register
Approval of a Commodity Import


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