Stakeholder Risk Assessment Consultation

Stakeholder Risk Assessment Consultation

Draft Risk Assessments Available for Comment

Stakeholder risk assessment consultation allows stakeholders to review and provide comments on draft risk assessments or pest lists for fruits, vegetables, plants, or plant products for a 30-day period prior to the country consultation process. As draft risk assessments and pest lists are made available for comment, they will be posted on this page with the date by which comments are due.


Comments Due by: Title

There are no draft risk assessments or pest lists available for comment at this time.

How to Submit Comments

Please submit your comments to .
You will need to include the name of the commodity assessed by the draft document (examples: apples, spruce trees) in the Subject line of your emailed comment.

Your comments will be considered and may result in changes to the risk assessments or pest lists. However, we are unable to provide you with individual feedback regarding your comment. When providing comments, please note:

  • You will not find mitigation's for pests shown in draft pest lists and risk assessments. Risk Management, including mitigation's, is conducted after we receive stakeholder and country comments on each pest list or risk assessment.
  • You will have additional opportunities to provide comments on our risk assessments or pest lists when the respective proposed rules or notices are available for comment in the Federal Register.

How to Receive Automatic Notifications

To receive automatic notifications that risk assessments or pest lists have been posted to this website for review and comment, we encourage interested stakeholders to subscribe to the APHIS Stakeholder Registry “Risk Analysis and Assessments topic. Depending on your interests select other topics such as "Fruits and Vegetables Imports" and "Plants for Planting".  All three of these topics may be found on the list by expanding the headings "APHIS - Plant Health Information" > "Importation into the US" > "Entry Requirements".


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