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Offshore Greenhouse Certification Program, Approved Taxa List

Unrooted, vegetative cuttings from approved facilities will be eligible when listed in the table that follows. To request the addition of new plant taxa, please contact APHIS at Please note that the review process can take several months; please submit new plant taxa well in advance of the shipping season. 

For the purpose of this program, unrooted cuttings are defined as a section of a plant that is removed and used for propagation. While roots are not present, callus tissue (a mass of large, thin-walled, undifferentiated cells that typically form as a precursor to rooting) may be present. For stem cuttings, the stage of the cutting shall be herbaceous or softwood only.

The following are not eligible: 1) Tissue culture/in vitro plantlets; 2) Genetically engineered varieties; 3) Plants for planting having specific requirements in addition to requirements listed in the USDA Plants for Planting Manual, Chapter 2: General Restrictions; and 4) Hybrids and varieties that lack parental information.

Eligible Taxa List

Genus Species Notes
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