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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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PPQ Manuals- AQIM Worksheets and Documents

Agricultural Quarantine Inspection Monitoring Worksheets and Documents

Air Cargo (PDF; 32Kb)

Air Passenger Baggage (PDF; 27Kb)

Mail Facility (PDF; 27Kb)

Maritime Cargo (PDF; 32Kb)

Northern Border Cargo - Perishables (PDF; 32Kb)

Northern Border Vehicle (PDF; 30Kb)

Preclearance Air Passenger (PDF; 30Kb)

Predeparture Air Passenger - Puerto Rico (PDF; 24Kb)

Predeparture Air Passenger - Hawaii (PDF; 19Kb)

Southern Border Cargo (PDF; 32Kb)

Southern Border Vehicle (PDF; 29Kb)



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