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Transboundary Animal Disease Course


ITRCB Facilitates Transboundary Animal Disease Course: Sept 26 - 30,2016.  International Services (IS)’ International Technical and Regulatory Capacity Building (ITRCB) Center, the IS Asia staff, Foreign Agricultural Service’s Hong Kong office, and Hong Kong’s City University School of Veterinary Medicine facilitated a five-day course on International Transboundary Animal Disease from September 26 – 30 at the university. Two former APHIS veterinarians, Dr. Peter Fernandez and Dr. Alfonso Torres, taught the course.

The attendees including 30 veterinarians from 14 Asian countries, studied major transboundary animal diseases, including avian influenza, foot and mouth disease, and swine fever. They participated in lectures, workshops, and post-mortem examinations of pigs and chickens.  The discussions focused on food safety and security, disease prevention, and international cooperation in disease prevention.

“The course offered an excellent opportunity to work with our regional partners,” said Dr. Eric Coleman, one of the two IS facilitators, along with Anna Lena Wonnenberg.



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