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Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia Region

  • Austria, Vienna
  • Italy, Rome
  • South Africa, Pretoria
  • Belgium, Brussels
  • Kenya, Nairobi
  • Egypt, Cairo
  • Senegal, Dakar



* EAME Region's Countries of Responsibility

The APHIS International Services office in Brussels, Belgium represents APHIS’ interests in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia (EAME).   The EAME region supports APHIS’ mission to protect US agriculture through animal and plant health (SPS) trade negotiations; pest and disease tracking; and capacity building for foreign professionals.   The work is divided among six Area offices-the Brussels office (European Union), the Vienna Area office (East and Central Europe, Russia and Independent States and the International Atomic Energy Agency), Rome, Italy (the Food and Agriculture Organization), The Cairo office (North Africa, Middle East), The Dakar office (Central Africa) and the Pretoria Area office (Sub-Sahara Africa). 

The EAME Regional office and European Union Area office are both located within the US Mission to the European Union, working with other US Government agencies such as Foreign Agriculture Service, Food and Drug Administration and United States Trade Representative in a “one government” approach.  APHIS is in daily contact with counterparts from the European Commission and the animal and plant health directors from individual Member States, serving as a liaison between domestic program units such as Veterinary Service and Plant Protection and Quarantine and foreign officials.  In addition, our office maintains direct contact with industry trade groups, importers and exporters in order to both prevent and facilitate resolution of trade-related issues as they occur at EU ports of entry.

The APHIS Brussels office also collaborates closely with international standard-setting organizations such as the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE, based in Paris), and the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC, headquartered in Rome) in order to promote the development of science based international standards for international trade. 

Growing agricultural trade has created a vital role for APHIS to ensure new trade opportunities are realized and that existing trade between the two economies flows smoothly.  APHIS's role will continue to increase as the United States and the European Union continue to expand their current trade relationships and establish new partnerships into the foreseeable future.

Regional Organization

Acting Regional Managers - Marc Prescott (Brussels, Belgium) and Cynthia Duerr (Dakar, Senegal)




Sterile Insect breeding -  Vienna, Austria

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