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Transiting US from Canada to 3rd Country

Any horse transiting through the U.S. will either need to enter under permit or meet the health certificate requirements for permanent U.S. entry. Horses under permit transiting the U.S. may not travel with horses legally entering the U.S. on the same transport. Horses with permitted entry will be monitored by APHIS VS while in transport in the U.S. Additional fees for inspection and travel time by port personnel will be included as part of the monitoring process.

Import permit issued by APHIS. The horse must be accompanied by an official health certificate and negative equine infectious anemia (EIA) test results. The trailer will be sealed by an APHIS veterinary medical officer at the border and unsealed at the port of departure.

No import permit. The horse is considered a permanent entry, without travel restrictions, and will require an inspection by a port veterinarian with associated inspection fees. The horse must be accompanied by negative equine infectious anemia (EIA) test results and an official health certificate.

Find out more about Horses for Permanent Entry from Canada.

Due to the dynamic nature of security requirements and inspection personnel, you *MUST* contact the port at least *3 business days prior to crossing*.  Each port has may have it's own additional requirements - contact them for the latest information.  

Contact for Appointment

Eastport, ID

P.O. Box 227
Eastport, ID 83826
Office phone: (208) 267-2396

Contact for Appointment

Houlton, ME

27 Customs Loop
Houlton, ME 04730
Office phone: (207) 532-6099

Contact for Appointment

Detroit, MI

2810 West Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48216
Office phone: (313) 226-4428

Port Huron, MI

2835 Wadhams Road
Kimball, MI 48074
Office phone: (810) 985-5433

Sault St. Marie, MI

2810 West Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48216
Office phone: (313) 226-4428

If choosing to transit through either location, Importer may be subject to additional fees.

Contact for Appointment

Baudette, MN

3509 Miriam Avenue, Suite B
P.O. Box 4124
Bismarck, ND 58502  
Office phone: (701) 250-4210

International Falls, MN

3509 Miriam Avenue, Suite B
P.O. Box 4124
Bismarck, ND 58502  
Office phone: (701) 250-4210

Contact for Appointment

Raymond/Ophiem, MT

P.O. Box 340
Scobey, MT 59263
Office phone: (406) 487-5955

Sweetgrass, MT

P.O. Box 131
Sweetgrass, MT 59484
Office phone: (406) 335-2142

Contact for Appointment

Dunseith, ND

10924 Highway 281
Dunseith, ND 58329
Office phone: (701) 263-3364

Pembina, ND

10980 I-29, Suite 4
Pembina, ND 58271 
Office phone: (701) 825-6262

Portal, ND

301 West Railway Avenue, Room 175
P.O. Box 331
Portal, ND 58772
Office phone: (701) 926-4281

Contact for Appointment

Alexandria Bay, NY

46741 US Route 81
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607-2110 
Office phone: (315) 482-2601

Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY

3905 Witmer Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Office phone: (716) 297-0240

Contact for Appointment

Highgate Springs, VT

480 Welcome Center Rd
Highgate Springs, VT 05460
Office phone: (802) 868-2556

Contact for Appointment

Oroville, WA

33643 Highway 97
Oroville, WA 98844
Office phone: (509) 476-2635

Sumas, WA

P.O. Box 1049
Sumas, WA 98295-1049
Office phone: (360) 988-5715  

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