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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Laboratory Equipment

DISCLAIMER: Listings on this page do not constitute endorsement by APHIS or the U.S. Government.
*NOTE 1: GSA pricing is available on most items upon request.

*NOTE 2: It is important to try and demo equipment prior to purchase to determine if equipment meets needs, comfort, and or support, where applicable. If the manufacturer does not offer a trial period, try and go to a local store to trial the equipment. The APHIS Ergonomics Program may also be contacted for possible equipment trials.

(GSA pricing avail. on most items)
Edge Protectors
  • Provides a soft, completely sealed buffer between employees and hard, sharp edges.
  • Makes any workplace safer and more comfortable.
Foam Tubing
  • For use with hand tools/instruments.
Industrial Footrests
ESD Factory Footrests
  • Adjusts from 3" to 11"
Factory Footrest
  • Adjusts from 3" to 11"
$100 - $123
Workrite 215 Footrest
  • Adjusts from 4" to 15"
Laboratory Chairs and Sit-Stand Stools
Bodybilt J707-CRE
  • Phone: (800) 531-3746
  • Find a Dealer
  • NOTE: Purchase without a footring.
Call for current pricing
3 in 1 Sit Stand Call for current pricing
Neutral Posture

Call for current pricing

Stratus Urethane

Call for current pricing


Microscope Accessories
  • Phone: 1-415-431-8711
  • The ErgoAdapter is an ergonomic device that is easily inserted between the microscope binocular head and optics carrier.
  • When work surfaces are set at elbow height to facilitate hand operations, the ErgoAdapter allows users to set the microscope's eyepiece height to achieve a good ergonomic neutral posture.
  • Such flexibility eliminates raised shoulders and bent necks, which cause cumulative stress.
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Extended Eyetube Binocular
  • Phone: 1-415-431-8711
  • The Extended Eyetube Binocular is an ergonomic device for use with quality stereomicroscopes.
  • Its longer-than-standard eyetube length enables the microscope user to comfortably move back from the workstation, helping to relieve postural fatigue.
  • The 90mm extension is an economical solution to a prevalent workstation problem.
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Forearm Supports   $23 - $105
Microscope Arm Support   $123 - $181
Optical Wedge
  • Phone: 1-415-431-8711
  • The 0º/90º Optical Wedge is positioned between the binocular head and the optics carrier.
  • It complements existing 45º binoculars, providing two additional viewing angles.
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MultiChannel Electronic Pipettes
Eppendorf Multipette Stream and Multipette Xstream Call for current pricing
  • Recommended Models: E4 XLS Multichannel and E4XLS Adjustable Spacer.
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VistaLab Ovation Pipette
  • Recommended Models: E8 & E12
  • Phone: (914) 244-4051
  • Find a Dealer
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Single Channel Electronic Pipettes
Eppendorf Research Plus Call for current pricing
Eppendorf Xplorer Call for current pricing
Ranin   Call for current pricing
VistaLab Technologies Ovation   Call for current pricing
VistaLab Technologies Ovation - Macro Volume   Call for current pricing
Test Tube Cap Removers
The JIMMY Microtube Opener
  • Phone: 1-800-445-7661
Call for current pricing
  • Phone: 518-880-6980 ext.1
Call for current pricing
Ergo 2F 140 Tilt Call for current pricing

Approved Equipment

  • Anti-Fatigue Mats
  • Chairs
  • Desk Slants
  • Document Holders
  • Footrests
  • Glare Filters and Privacy Screens
  • Height Adjustable Workstations
  • Keyboard Trays
  • Keyboards
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laptop Risers
  • Lighting
  • Mice
  • Monitor Arms
  • Monitor Risers
  • ONE STOP SHOPPING - Order multiple items from a single vendor
  • Palm Supports (aka Wrist Rests)
  • Shoe/Boot Inserts
  • Telephone Headsets
  • Vehicle Accessories
  • Workstation Converters
  • Other Equipment Sources (Excess and Surplus Equipment)
  • Complementary Content