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How to Obtain a Temporary Scooter Loan

Temporary Scooter Loans (Riverdale Employees & Visitors Only)

APHIS employees located in the Riverdale Complex with temporary mobility issues may borrow a scooter for up to two months with a doctor’s note.  Without a note, scooter loans are limited to 4-weeks.  Scooters are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and will only be given to employees with a signed Scooter Policy. Please contact Labor Services at:  301-851-2655 or to request a scooter loan.  We will gladly bring a scooter to you!

*NOTE: The above process should be followed for all Riverdale visitors needing a scooter.

All APHIS scooters are for temporary use only.  Please feel free to contact Labor Services when experiencing any trouble with a loaned scooter.  We will be glad to troubleshoot and arrange for repair of all loaned scooters.  In the event that an APHIS loaned scooter breaks down, every effort will be made to provide a substitute scooterwhile the original is being repaired.  If a replacement is unavailable, we can provide a list of pay-for rental scooter services.

APHIS does not sell, assemble, or repair personal scooters.  This includes scooters obtained as part of a reasonable accommodation.  We will be glad to provide scooter users with a list of repair service companies upon request.

Other Temporary Issues ( All APHIS Employees

All APHIS employees may take advantage of the assistive technology services offered by the USDA Target Center whether your disability is short-term or permanent.  For example, an employee with the use of only one hand due to an injury may borrow a one-handed keyboard during the recovery process.  Most loans are limited to 2-weeks.  Please contact the USDA Target Center at 202-720-2600 for more information.

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