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Compliance Review NY

Compliance Review - JFK Airport & Albany, New York


Branislav Simic, PPQ, JFK International Airport gives the C&E team a tour of the shipping and receiving area at their office.  Plant Protection and Quarantine regulates the importation of plants and plant products under the authority of the plant protection Act.


Samples of pest found on plant material at JFY Airport


PPQ Botanist collect, maintain and archive thousands of rare seeds and plants that have come through JFK airport.


The plant archive at PPQ, JFK includes a number of rare samples from all over the world.   Some of the plants in archive were acquired over 75 years ago.


PPQ employees looking for microscopic pest found on infected oranges and soil samples.


Samantha Marin of the C&E team takes a look at what was hiding in the soil!


C&E team outbriefing with Dr. Roxanne Mullaney, Service Center Director, Veterinary Services, Albany New York



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