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Iowa State University

Iowa State University

July 10–23, 2022

Learn about the interconnection between wildlife biology and conservation, laboratory technology and diagnostics, animal science, and veterinary medicine. Every student will have hands-on experience on the farm, in wildlife environments, and in the laboratory. Activities will include field trips to several types of farms; lab exercises such as bacterial culture, egg candling and inoculations, animal necropsies (dissections), veterinary clinical procedures, and diagnostic testing; and field trips to conservation areas, zoological facilities, animal shelters, and research facilities. Students will participate in team-building activities and explore the local culture. Students who have completed a general biology or animal science course will benefit most from the program activities. Follow us on Facebook: AgDiscovery at ISU 2018.

Iowa State University (ISU) is an international, prestigious university with a friendly, welcoming personality, located in Ames, IA. It is the largest university in Iowa, home to the Nation’s first College of Veterinary Medicine, and the place where the world’s first electronic digital computer was invented. Over 36,000 students choose from over 100 majors, study with world-class scholars, and hone their leadership skills in more than 800 student organizations. ISU offers a great environment where students can enjoy reaching their potential and discovering their passions. The school’s culturally diverse student body represents all 50 States and more than 100 countries

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