USDA - APHIS - Civil Rights

Recommended Language for Required EEO Element for Managers and Supervisors

APHIS Office of Civil Rights, Diversity and Inclusion (OCRDI)


Performs all duties consistent with civil rights and equal opportunity laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination. Demonstrates equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment. Is held accountable for results in the prevention and resolution of EEO and Program complaints; participation in the EEO complaint process; actively supports diversity in hiring, selection, recruitment and outreach programs. Provides for appropriate disability and religious based accommodations. Communicates promptly with employees to address problems and disagreements in the workplace. Ensures that APHIS external programs and activities are implemented in a non discriminatory manner to reach all eligible beneficiaries.

Recommended civil rights/equal opportunity language to incorporate in Non-supervisory employees' EEO element (stand-alone element for EEO not required, language may be incorporated into customer service, teamwork, or similar element.

Treat all employees, stakeholders, program beneficiaries and the general public with fairness, dignity and respect consistent with agency goals for civil rights and equal opportunity.

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