Time Frames Formal Process

Issuance of Notice to File a Discrimination Complaint: The complainant has 15 days to file a complaint with the Department 29, CFR, Part (1614.106(b)).

An EEO Investigation should be conducted within 180 days of the filing of the complaint unless the parties agree in writing to extend the period 29, CFR, Part (1614.106(2)). The complainant may request a hearing at any time after 180 days has elapsed from the filing of the complaint 29, CFR, Part (1614.108(f)).

Within 30 days receipt of the completed EEO Report of Investigation, the complainant has the right to request a hearing before an administrative judge or may request an immediate final agency decision 29, CFR, Part (1614.108(f).

The agency is required to issue an immediate final agency decision within 60 days of receiving notification that the complainant has requested it 29, CFR, Part (1614.110). Please notify OCRDI, Complaints Processing Staff at area code (301) 720-6312 for any questions regarding the formal Process.

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