Outreach Program



 Outreach Program

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Outreach Program is an agency-wide program and a vital component of the APHIS civil rights program. The Outreach Program aims to provide equal access and opportunity to all current and potential beneficiaries, to ensure underserved individuals and groups are made aware of, and have information to enable them to participate in APHIS programs and activities. The Program strives to increase public awareness to stakeholders and the public, and communicates the strategies, and goals and objectives for effective outreach.

Program Objectives

The outreach program is a critical element in APHIS' efforts to deliver information to the public, groups, constituents and all interested stakeholders. Through its outreach and partnerships, the program aims to:

  • Disseminate information on APHIS programs to protect and promote U.S. agricultural health.
  • Support the understanding and awareness of all APHIS programs and activities, and the importance of access to all constituents, potential constituents, including the underserved.
  • Identify and eliminate any barriers that exist in access to APHIS programs and activities.
  • Ensure that recipients of Federal Financial Assistance from APHIS conduct effective outreach.

APHIS Outreach Council

The council consists of representatives from each APHIS program area and office. The council will coordinate and monitor the overall APHIS outreach program strategy.

Outreach Program Components
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