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Week One

Back to work


Your First Week

After you’ve received your New Employee Orientation (NEO) and completed the required Day One forms, there is more you can and should do to get oriented in your new job.


Our employees are our most valuable asset in accomplishing our goals and supporting the missions of USDA, APHIS and AMS. We appreciate that you have chosen to join ONE USDA. The items on your checklist or onboarding passport if you are an AMS employee are designed to facilitate your onboarding process and track your progress.

Over the next few weeks and months, please take some time to learn about USDA and the Agency/Program you have been hired into. Visit the  Employee Resources Page where you will find documents or web links to historical/current information about the organization, government directives and policies, training opportunities, and other resources.

e-Authentication and LincPass

eAuthentication and LincPass are two of the most important tools you will need in order to perform critical functions. If you have not received information about either or both by the end of your first work week, please alert your Supervisor or the points of contact shown below.eAuthentication Login Screen

Your eAuthentication account consists of a User ID, a password and your customer profile which contains information about you that will permit USDA websites, portals and applications to identify if you have the correct permissions to access the applications and/or view the website.

A personnel action will typically be processed within your first week of employment. This establishes your personnel record. Once your Government email address has been added to your personnel record, you will receive an invitation email from the eAuthentication server prompting you to register your eAuthentication account.

This email will come from MORE on eAuthentication

If you will not have a utilize a Government email address, but still need access to USDA eAuthenticated websites, portals or applications, this invitation can be sent to your personal email but you must alert your office’s administrative personnel to request that for you.

Requests can be sent to:

If you have not received the eAuthentication email by the start of your second work week AND you have verified that it is not in your Junk/Trash/Spam folders - please contact MRP IT at

USDA's LincPass card is designed to link a person's identity to an ID credential and the credential to a person's ability to physically and logically access federally controlled buildings and information systems, respectively. You may hear of the LincPass referred to as a Personal Identify Verification (PIV) card or as a US Access Credential or as a Common Access Card (CAC). All these denote the same thing. USDA named our cards are named LincPass cards in honor of Abraham Lincoln who established the Department of Agriculture in 1862.

LincPassIt is very important that you make an enrollment appointment for your LincPass as soon as you receive the message requesting that you do so. Appointments at enrollment stations nearest to you may be limited.

This email will come from MORE on LincPass.

**Note** Many LincPass credentialing stations have been closed because of the COVID19 pandemic. You may not be able to make an enrollment, activation or PIN reset appointment. If you find yourself locked out of your computer, contact MRP IT to obtain a User ID/Password combination that will allow computer access until a LincPass can be obtained.

To avoid being turned away at the LincPass Enrollment Station:

  • Please bring two valid and non-expired forms of ID to enroll for your USAccess credential. Two forms are required to validate your identity, one of which must be a Government-issued photo ID.
  • NOTE: Your first and last names MUST match exactly the name(s) on the identity documents you submit for enrollment.
  • To review a complete list of acceptable forms of identity documentation and policies regarding presentation of names on these documents, please go to the following link:

Once you have your LincPass there are some actions that may be needed:

  • Contact MRP IT for help in associating your new LincPass to your computer and/or Active Directory account or for any other computer access issues.
  • Contact your Facility Manager to ensure access into any buildings or rooms via your LincPass.
  • Contact MRPBS HRD Personnel Security at with issues related to lost, stolen or damaged LincPass cards.
  • Watch for email messages from and follow directions to renew your LincPass certificates and/or credential.
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