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Program Point of Contact for Onboarding

Facilitator ChecklistThis site contains resources and information for the Onboarding Point of Contact or the person delegated with the responsibility of accepting the Day One documents from a new hire entering the Agency.

Please review the information and resources provided below. Your continuous participation is critical to the success of the USDA MRP employee onboarding process.

Day One Paperwork

During COVID19, Day One activities can be done virtually or in person depending on the situation at that specific location. The federal employee assisting the New Hire can be their Supervisor, their Onboarding Point of Contact or another employee delegated that responsibility.

Existing MRP employees who are changing positions within MRP only need to complete/sign the OF-306. Those new to federal service, converting to federal service from a Contractor position or leaving another federal position to work for MRP should complete all of the paperwork.

  1. Establish contact with the New Hire at a predetermined time on their first day of work. New Hires who used the USAS Onboarding application have been instructed to print copies of their Day One documents and have them ready for signature. If they do not, they will need to complete a new blank form. If the New Hire does not have a way to sign & return the document(s) electronically, an ink signature and the ability to scan the document is required.
  2. Obtain the Appointee Signature (from block 17B) on the Declaration for Federal Employment Form OF306.
  3. Conduct the Oath of Office and complete the Appointment Affidavit SF61. Make sure all signatures are in the proper place and visually observe the New Hire taking the Oath either in person or virtually.
  4. Verify the identity of the New Hire by completing Section 2 of the Employment Eligibility Verification (I9). During this time, include “COVID-19” in the Additional Information box in Section 2. Ask New Hire to send password-protected (if using e-mail) copies of their identification documents to you or your staff member conducting the Day One activities. The supervisor or delegate must visually compare the supporting documents while viewing the New Hire either in person or virtually.
  5. Photocopy or take photos of the Identification Documents (See acceptable documents).

All documents must be signed by both the New Hire and the person conducting the Day One activities and sent electronically or via the mail to the HRD Servicing Processing Assistant in Minneapolis, Minnesota.You will need to determine how the New Hire will sign and scan/email forms back to your office or to your teleworking office personnel if the onboarding is done remotely.

Use the HRO 444c form as a transmittal sheet from the Program office to Human Resources Processing Team.

Day One Computer and System Access

Programs need to work with MRP IT to ensure that the necessary computer and/or mobile equipment is available and configured for their New Hire. During COVID19 it is unlikely that New Hires will have access to a Linc Pass credentialing station to enroll or activate a Linc Pass; therefore, please ensure that they understand that MRP IT will provide them a User ID and Password combination to log into their devices.

  • During COVID19, if you are onboarding a New Hire at one of the Hub locations, an IT technician will be onsite as needed (on a rotating basis) during the core duty hours throughout the maximum teleworking period to provide support. At least 10 days prior to onboarding, the program’s administrative office should contact the AMS or APHIS Help Desk to ensure IT equipment will be available and ready for the New Hire. After this contact, the onsite technician will then make arrangements with the supervisor and New Hire to distribute and set up the IT equipment at the hub office.
  • During COVID19, if you are onboarding a New Hire in an alternative Field location, these areas may not have a local technician onsite daily during the core duty hours during the maximum teleworking period. However, it is important that the program’s administrative office still contact the AMS or APHIS Help Desk at least 10 days prior to employee onboarding to ensure IT equipment will be available and ready for the New Hire. Then local APHIS or AMS IT technician will make arrangements with the supervisor and New Hire to distribute and set up the IT equipment at the field office or provide instructions for setting up the equipment remotely.

Please provide New Hires access to any Program owned applications with guidance about their specific responsibilities, as well as relevant office protocol during the COVID19 Pandemic.


All documents and links are available to employees of both Agencies; if you are onboarding an AMS employee, we recommend that you utilize those marked with AMS Employees Only when applicable.

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