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Onboarding Buddy Resources

MRP New Hires will complete tasks and forms within the USA Staffing (USAS) Onboarding system. Your role as an Onboarding Buddy will be to assist the New Hire with completion of their tasks and electronic forms by entering information into USAS and reviewing, signing, and accepting the electronic forms. An Onboarding Buddy can be the first-line supervisor, administrative support staff, resource management staff, or anyone else who would normally be responsible for assisting New Hires with completing their SF-61 (Oath of Office), OF-306 (Declaration for Federal Employment) second signature, and I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) forms on their first day.

Depending on the New Hire’s background, related to Federal service, will impact which day one forms are required for completion. The Onboarding Buddies will have at least one task for internal New Hires that are currently working in APHIS or AMS. Even if the New Hire is not required to complete any day one forms, the Onboarding Buddy will still be notified and will need to verify the New Hire arrived for their first day in the USAS system.

Requesting Access as an Onboarding Buddy

The Onboarding Buddy will need permission to USA Staffing as an Onboarding User. To request Onboarding Buddy access, complete the USAS Access Form – Onboarding Buddy and submit it to

Onboarding Buddy Training & Reminders

We encourage you to watch this brief training video for an overview of the process.

Onboarding Buddy Training Video

For a complete list of available training resources and job aids, please see the Resources section at the bottom of this page.


The “Verify New Hire Arrived” button shouldn’t be pushed until the first business day your New Hire reports for duty. You should use the effective date of the appointment (typically first Sunday of the pay period) as the date the New Hire arrived. This date triggers other due dates of tasks assigned to the New Hire.

If you are not sure what date to use for completing this task, look at the New Hire record Overview – Onboarding Information page and use the Start Date listed.

Tracking New Hire Progress

Program contacts can also be granted Onboarding Buddy access for tracking and view only purposes as well. The Onboarding Buddy role in USA Staffing (USAS) has the ability to view any in progress New Hire records within their assigned program area (e.g., VS D&B, AMS FGIS). This role allows an Onboarding Buddy to monitor where the New Hire is at in completing the pre-employment process and can also assist managers when necessary with reaching out to a selectee to keep the process moving forward (e.g., OF-306 not completed, fingerprints not submitted). Users with this type of role can use the MRP USAS Onboarding Buddy - Tracking New Hire Progress guide.

If you have questions about the Fingerprint and eQIP process, please review the Fingerprint eQIP Fact Sheet.

How Will You Know When You Have Buddy Tasks/New Hire Coming Onboard?

Your HR Staffing service providers will confirm the Onboarding Buddy contact name with the hiring manager during the onboarding process. As the Onboarding Buddy, you will be copied on the Final Offer USAS Onboarding Task Instructions email that is sent to the new hire after they receive their Final Offer Letter. At that point you will also be assigned the day one onboarding tasks in USAS Onboarding.

Do All New Hires Go Through USAS Onboarding?

All new hires (except for seasonal excepted service appointments) are onboarded through USAS Onboarding and can quickly and efficiently complete tasks and forms electronically in the system. New Hires include any person starting a new position in your program. For seasonal excepted service appointments, you should follow the manual onboarding process outlined on the POC for Onboarding page.


Here are some helpful guides for making the most of your Onboarding Buddy role and access:

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