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Onboarding Buddy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: When do I push the “Verify New Hire Arrived” button?

A: The “Verify New Hire Arrived” button shouldn’t be pushed until the first business day your new hire reports for duty.

Q: What effective date should I be using when I complete the “Verify New Hire Arrived” task?

A: You should use the effective date of the appointment (typically first Sunday of the pay period) as the date the new hire arrived. This date triggers other due dates of tasks assigned to the new hire.

Q: Where do I confirm the status and pending action of each form that needs to be completed?

A: Navigate to the Assignments tab of a new hire record, under the Forms chevron there is an Agency Next Action status in the column to the right of each form name. If the status states the following:

Pending New Hire Action – new hire needs to complete additional assigned tasks or questionnaire items

Answer Required Questionnaire Items – Onboarding Buddy has information to complete in the Questionnaire

Review and Accept Form – ready to be reviewed and accepted by the Onboarding Buddy

Q: Should I have the new hire completed any of the day one forms in hard copy?

A: Please reach out to the Systems, Analysis and Reporting Branch at for assistance with any issues you or the new hire are encountering in completing the day one forms electronically in USAS Onboarding.

Q: How do I know which fields to complete or information to enter in the Questionnaires before forms can be reviewed and accepted?

A: Specific information for what fields and information should be completed/entered in the Questionnaires for each form can be found in the Onboarding Buddy Guide.

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