Veterinary Services Enforcement Summary

Veterinary Services (VS) Enforcement Summary

To support animal health, in Fiscal Year (FY) 2015, APHIS initiated 160 cases; issued 40 official warnings; and issued 2 pre-litigation settlements, resulting in the collection of $5,500 in stipulated penalties against persons for violations of laws aimed at protecting animal health and American agriculture.  APHIS negotiated an administrative consent decision for a violation of the Animal Health Protection Act, relating to the interstate movement of swine, and which resulted in the assessment of a $3,300 civil penalty.  APHIS also worked to prevent and deter the entry of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) by initiating eight cases involving avian health issues.  APHIS also concluded a fact-finding investigation that resulted in the seizure of two illegally imported birds, and received an administrative decision and order assessing a $1,100 penalty against an individual who failed to obtain proper veterinary certificates for two birds moving from Mexico into the United States, and failed to present the birds for inspection at an appropriate port of entry. In support of APHIS’ emergency response to the detection of HPAI, 40 percent of IES’ employees (nearly 65 employees) volunteered for deployment and detail (special duty) opportunities. Ultimately, APHIS deployed 25 percent of IES’ employees to support the emergency response.

Totals FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 (mid-year)
Cases Initiated 141 160 54
Warnings 38 40 39
Settlement Agreements 7 2 1
Stipulated Penalties Assessed $17,376 $5,500 $250
Non-Monetary Stipulations n/a 0 0
Referrals to OGC 4 (alleged violators)
3 (cases)
12 (alleged violators)
8 (cases)
10 (alleged violators)
7 (cases)
Administrative Complaints 2 2 2
Administrative Decisions 1 3 0
Civil Penalties Assessed $0 $4,400 $0


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