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T&A Payroll Cycle


  • T&A data must be transmitted by close of business on the TUESDAY after the end of each pay period.  The time and attendance information is sent directly to the National Finance Center (NFC) in New Orleans, LA.
  • On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of T&A week (the first week of every pay period), the Leave and Compensation Team (LCT) runs a report from the National Finance Center (NFC) which lists the full-time and part-time employees for which NFC has not yet received a T&A. The appropriate offices are contacted to determine what action needs to be taken. The LCT coordinates with the NFC regarding the status of missing T&A data. Every employee on Thursday's list has to be accounted for to ensure that everyone who should be paid will get a paycheck. The LCT appreciates your helpfulness during this busy period. Together we can make sure everyone is paid in a timely manner.


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