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Non-Receipt of U.S. Savings Bonds


U.S. Savings Bonds are started or changed by filling out an SBD-2003, bond authorization form. To change an inscription, name or address, an SBD-2003 must be completed for each authorization you are changing. An address change form, AD-349 (PDF), will not change a bond inscription. If you need to change an inscription, please contact the Leave and Compensation Team to obtain the required form. If the owner is someone other than the employee and the owner moves, a new SPD-2003 is needed.

If a bond was issued and never received, the employee is sent form PDF-3062, claim for non-receipt of savings bond. If the employee receives a bond that is consequently stolen, lost, or destroyed, employees are sent form PDF-1048, application for replacement savings bond. These forms can be requested from the Leave and Compensation Team. The claim for non-receipt of a bond (PDF-3062) should be sent to:

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
PO Box 867
Pittsburgh, PA 15230-0867

The application for a replacement bond (PDF-1048) should be sent to:

US Treasury Department
Bureau of the Public Debt
Parkersburg, WV 26106-1328

Employees may send a written request to the Treasury Department asking for a list of all bonds issued to them, whether or not bonds have been cashed.

When Federal Reserve receives undeliverable bonds, they forward the original bond to the Leave and Compensation Team. After receiving the bond, we determine what the correct address should be and forward the bond and SBD-2003 to the employee.

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