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Leave & Error Reports & Corrections


Leave audits Form AD-717 should be submitted for routine purposes such as correcting the National Finance Center (NFC) database and supporting a request to pay lump sum leave AD-581

Leave audits should always contain the records for the entire leave year up to and including the most current leave numbers available.  The complete leave year record is required to allow the Leave and Compensation Team (LCT) to adjust the leave tracking system at NFC.  The annual and sick leave balances can only be adjusted by changes to the prior-year carryover balance, the total accrual, and the total usage for the year.

It is essential that leave audits be signed and dated.  The signature block must be signed by an appropriate official such as the timekeeper or the supervisor; employees should never sign audits for themselves.  Unsigned audits will not be processed and will be returned to timekeepers.  Always update time and attendance balances through the most recently completed pay period.  Show the entire history of the leave year to date.

What should I do if I receive a Leave Error Report?

Compare the leave balances in your PC TARE system with the information on the Leave Error Report.  If there is a discrepancy that requires a change to the National Finance Center (NFC) system, complete a leave audit AD-717 for the current leave year, and send it to your contact on the Leave and Compensation Team (LCT).  If it is a change for the PC TARE system only, then there is no need to send a leave audit to LCT.

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