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HRDG 4752 - Disciplinary or Alternative Actions - Section L

Subchapter 4752 - Disciplinary or Alternative Action
Section L - Supervisory Training


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Where to Get Training APHIS Organizational and Professional Development (OPD) staff, or the Agency training staff (Management Services Staff [MSS] for P&SA), is responsible for tailoring training to meet the needs of supervisory personnel. Experienced supervisors are encouraged to attend supervisory training every 3 years. OPD can recommend training from sources outside the Agency. Contact the OPD staff on (30l) 734-4990 (or MSS for P&SA) for further information, or contact your servicing regional ERS in PPQ or VS.
Probationary Supervisors

Probationary (or new) supervisors are required to attend the following two courses for a total of 80 hours within their first 9 months of appointment:

  • Management Principles for New Supervisors (MPNS); and
  • Interpersonal Skills for Supervisors (ISS).

Refer to the APHIS Training & Development Activities for a description and dates of the MPNS and ISS training.

Supervisory Booklets

The following booklets are are beneficial resources for supervisors to read and keep:

  1. USDA employee handbook, Employee Responsibilities and Conduct, 1982;
  2. Taking Action on the Problem Employee, Office of Personnel Management, 1983;
  3. The Federal Manager's Guide to Discipline, FPMI Communications, Inc., 1988;
  4. Practical Ethics for the Federal Employee, FPMI Communications, Inc., 1990;
  5. Applicable collective bargaining agreements.
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