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HRDG 4752 - Disciplinary or Alternative Actions - Section F

Subchapter 4752 - Disciplinary or Alternative Action
Section F - Alternatives to Traditional Discipline


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Alternative Measures

When feasible, supervisors should consider using non-disciplinary, alternative measures in lieu of official disciplinary measures. Alternative measures may be more appropriate in certain situations as a means for modifying behavior.

Alternative measures may be appropriate if the misconduct is minor, and it is perceived by the supervisor that it will likely instruct the offending employee and/or correct the problem or situation without reverting to official disciplinary action. For ex ample, if a person is absent frequently, and their leave balance is minimal, the appropriate alternative/corrective action may be a Leave Restriction letter. A Leave Restriction letter is non-punitive in nature, and instructs the employee on restricted l eave usage. A copy of a sample Leave Restriction Letter is contained on page 56 of your Human Resources Desk Guide, Subchapter 4735 on Conduct and Responsibilities.

Remember the Agency policy is to impose the minimum remedy which can reasonably be expected to correct the problem or situation.

Examples of Alternative Measures

The following list, though not all-inclusive, gives various alternative measures which may be considered in correcting conduct deficiencies:

  • Verbal counseling;
  • Written cautionary/warning memorandum;
  • Closer supervision;
  • Leave restriction;
  • Rehabilitation (e.g., Employee Assistance
  • Program for personal problems affecting work);
  • Formal training;
  • Detail;
  • Reassignment;
  • Reasonable accommodation (for disabled);
  • Restructuring or changing duties;
  • Conflict resolution; and
  • Team building (contact Organizational and Professional Development on (30l) 734-4990 for information on team building).
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