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HRDG 4630 - Absence and Leave - Section L

Subchapter 4630 - Absence and Leave
Section L - Leave Audits


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Purpose The purpose of a leave audit is to determine correct leave balances.
When to Conduct a Leave Audit

A leave audit should be conducted when:

  • There is a difference between any leave category balance on the time and attendance (T&A) report and the leave and earnings statement, or
  • A leave error report has been generated by the National Finance Center (NFC).

It is only necessary to conduct an audit of the particular leave category (e.g., annual leave), in which there is a discrepancy.

Note: To ensure accurate payment, it is also advisable to conduct a leave audit in support of a lump sum payment.

Documentation for Leave Audit

The timekeeper should prepare Form AD-717, Audit for Leave, and then take the following action(s):

  • If the T&A report is in error, and the NFC data base is correct, the T&A master record should be updated to reflect the correct balance. The timekeeper may retain the AD-717 for reference purposes.
  • If the NFC data base is in error, the completed audit should be sent to the servicing personnel office to update the NFC data base.

Note: It is not appropriate for any person to certify the correctness of his/her own leave audit.

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