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HRDG 4500a - APHIS Imports and Exports Overtime Interpretation - Introduction

Supplement 4500A
APHIS Imports & Exports Overtime Interpretation



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The purpose of the Overtime Interpretation Supplement is to achieve uniform interpretation and application of overtime regulations nationwide and is to be used for determining overtime entitlements. It is not intended as instruction for making assignments.

This supplement contains the official interpretation and clarifi-cation of APHIS Directive 402.3 Premium Pay for Employees Performing Inspection and Quarantine Services Relating to Imports into and Exports from the United States. It will be updated and expanded as necessary.

Background and Scope

This supplement was developed from a group of overtime scenarios sent to field locations as a questionnaire. Work unit representatives responded to the scenarios. The responses revealed inconsistencies in determination of overtime entitlements.

Correct overtime entitlements and rationales for all the overtime scenario questions as determined by the Interregional Overtime Interpretation Committee are included in the supplement.

This supplement is not intended to be all inclusive. The overtime scenarios clarify specific overtime issues which may have been misinterpreted in the past.

All other interpretive documents pertaining to the overtime entitlements addressed in the supplement, other than those included in the Appendix are superseded.

Communication and Distribution System

The following system has been established to communicate questions from the field and to distribute official responses:

  • Questions and problems not specifically addressed in this manual will be sent through channels to the regional office. Regional personnel will forward all questions they cannot answer to the Port Operations staff. Port Operations staff will forward to the Human Resources Division (HRD) as necessary.
  • HRD, in consultation with the Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ), will research the issue, consulting with other appropriate staffs as necessary. HRD will number and date all applicable overtime policy issuances for inclusion in the manual.
  • Following clearance by PPQ, these issuances will be furnished to the National Association of Agriculture Employees in advance with an opportunity for consultation and/or negotiation as appropriate. The issuances then will be distributed PPQwide for implementation.
  • Only these official issuances will become a part of the established overtime manual.

General Criteria

Assume the following for all scenarios unless otherwise noted:

** Tour of Duty (TOD) is 0800 - 1630, Monday through Friday.
** Officer has been assigned jobs within metropolitan area.
** Officer has not worked overtime since completion of TOD.
** The term "call out" used in the scenarios is synonymous with the term "call back" as used in APHIS Directive 402.3.
** The terms ETA/ATA apply to all carriers and cargo activities.


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