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HRDG 4500 - Recruitment and Retention Incentives - TOC

Subchapter 4500
Recruitment and Retention Incentives
Table of Contents
Updated: 09/05, 03/06, 11/06, 02/07, 10/12, 01/14, 12/17, 04/18, 01/20, 10/20


Introduction to the Federal Employees Pay Comparability (Pay Flexibilities) Act of 1990


Section A - Roles and Responsibilities


Section B - Payment of Travel and Transportation Expenses for New Appointees and for Pre-Employment Interviews


Section C - Pay Advances to New Appointee


Section D - Superior Qualifications and Special Needs Pay Setting Authority

NOTE: The 12/17 updates do not apply to bargaining unit members until bargaining obligations have been met.

Section E - Recruitment and Relocation Incentives


Section F - Retention Incentives


Section G - Pay for Critical Positions


Section H - Re-employment of Military and Civilian Retirees to Meet Exceptional Employment Needs


Section I - Pay for Positions Above GS-15 and for Scientific and Professional Positions (Established to carry out research and development functions)


Section J - Supervisory Differentials


Section K - Special Salary Rates


Section L - Special Occupational Pay Systems


Added 11/06 Section M - Annual Leave Service Credit for Prior Employment


Added 11/06Subsection a - Processing Guide/Recordkeeping Procedures


Appendix - Forms

  • AD-1073, Recommendation and Approval of Recruitment/Relocation Bonus and/or Retention Allowance
  • AD-1074, Service Agreement for Receipt of Payment for a Recruitment/Relocation Bonus
  • AD-3077 - USDA Superior Qualifications Checklist and Supplemental Approval Form
  • MRP 145-R, Superior Qualifications Appointments
  • MRP 146-R, Statement of Understanding
  • MRP 147-R, Annual Salary Computation Sheet for Superior Qualifications Appointment
  • Added 03/19 MRP Form 149, Superior Qualifications and Special Needs Appointments (SQA) Requesting Official’s Checklist
  • MRP Form XX, SQA - HRO Staffing Review Checklist, if applicable.

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